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Being in an earthquake zone, Philippine law requires stringent structural requirements. Hence, reinforced concrete is widely used in construction projects. Reinforced concrete is concrete embedded with deformed steel bars, also called reinforcing steel bars or rebars for short. Rebars and concrete are the first and most critical components of a structure.

Rebars are manufactured in standard sizes and lengths with different strengths. The industry uses theoretical standards coupled with certain physical restrictions. More detailed explanation can be found under the Buyer’s Guide.


Bureau of Product Standards

All rebars must conform to the national standard, PNS 49:2002, which is patterned after ASTM standards.


Our Quality & Integrity

We have the most stringent traceability procedures in the entire industry as we have an audit trail from billet (raw material) to our finished products (rebars, plain bars, square bars, etc). This way, when a single bar falls below the quality threshold, we can easily identify the remaining bars produced from the same billet lot. We have a laboratory housing Universal Testing Machines (UTM) to test the mechanical properties of our rebars. These UTMs are calibrated annually to ensure accurate test results and are accredited with BPS and DPWH (BRS).

Our laboratory is also equipped with state-of-the-art spectrometer to verify or test the chemical composition of our rebars.

We are BPS Certified and BRS (DPWH) Certified!

As much as possible, we do not deliver inferior rebars. However, if field testing proves us otherwise, we will gladly retest the rebars at our own expense at a third party center. These failure occurrences on samples randomly drawn in jobsites are mostly due to laboratory errors, in our experience. In the unlikely case when this test fails, we would then have them replaced at our delivery expense.

While some suppliers may promise the whole world to sound appealing, we agree to supply and to the terms based on high likelihood of delivery at the agreed upon dates.