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Reinforcing steel bars

Formed from carbon steel, these bars constitute the other half of reinforced concrete. In general, you need rebars in reinforced concrete because their lugs or ridges enable the concrete to better anchor onto the bars. The reason why tensile and yield strength are emphasized in rebars is because they compensate for the poor tensile properties of concrete. Together, concrete and rebars produce better compression and tension properties.

We produce Grade 275 (equivalent to ASTM Grade 40) and Grade 415 (equivalent to ASTM Grade 60) under PNS49:2002. 

For other higher grades, please contact us.

Nominal Diamater [mm] 10 11 12 16 20 25 28 32 36
Standard Lenghts [m]     6 7.5 9 10.5 12 13.5 15


Please call (02-8242-4021) or fax (02-8241-0253) to inquire exact prices because prices can change every day. Prices are based on 2004 price list to standardize the numerous prices based on both size, length, and grade.


Technical specifications

Table of Technical Specifications of Rebars